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For questions specific to the Writing exam, contact:

For questions about submitting AP, IB, or SAT II tests, contact:

For technical issues, contact:​​​​​​​ | (617) 495-9000

If your computer freezes or crashes while taking the exam, you can be reassured that the exams are designed to auto-save as you progress through the questions. It is likely that you will be able to reopen the exam. If you are unable to access the exams, please refer to Online Placement Exams Authorization information. 

For questions about placement in a particular academic area you may reach out directly to the area or department. See below for a list of relavant advising contacts.


Academic Area and Department Contact Information

Life Sciences

For general information consult the Life Sciences Advising Booklet.

Advising Contacts:

Biology, Life Sciences--Monique Brewster

Biology, Life Sciences--Dominic Mao

Chemistry, Life Sciences--Gregg Tucci



For general information consult the Department of Mathematics website.

Advising contacts:

Drop-in advising information can be found on the Placement Advising page of the Department of Mathematics website.

Music Theory

Students interested in studying music theory are recommended to take the placement exam.  

This diagnostic will help identify your understanding of simple tonal material (scales, intervals, chords, basic roman numeral analysis, and ear-training). Keyboard skills are helpful but not required.

General information can be found on the Music Department website. The exam will be offered in-person, once a year in August.   To register for the exam please complete this form and for questions be in touch with the department at








Advising Contact:

For general information consult the Writing Program's website.

Advising about Expos Studio 10 will be available starting in July and August and will continue through Orientation. Hours will be posted on the Studio 10 page in July and August. Students may also wish to visit the Writing Exam page on the Writing Program's website or email



African Languages

African Languages

The African Languages Department offers several languages such as: Afrikaans, Gullah, Haitian Creole, Shona, Somali, Sudanese Arabic, Swahili, Twi, Zulu and many more.  For up to date exam information including dates and contact information visit the department's placement exam page.   For general information consult the Department of African Languages website

For information not available on the website or if interested in a placement exam contact the African Language Program Manager Dr. Bojana Coulibaly,

American Sign Language

For general information, consult the Department of Linguistics website. 

For information not available on the website or if you are interested in a placement exam, please contact the Head of ASL courses, Kathryn Davidson,

Celtic Languages

For general information consult the Department of Celtic Languages website

Contact Mary Violette, Department Administrator for information about placement exams and any information not found on the website.

The Classics

The Classics 

Placement exams for Latin and ancient Greek will be available on Tuesday, August 9, from 10am until 10pm eastern.   

Please visit the Department of Classics website for general information and how to access the exam.  

The modern Greek placement exam will be available by request.  Please contact Dr. Calliope Dourou at to request an exam.   

For questions about courses or placement exams contact the advisor listed below. 

Advising contacts:  

Greek (Ancient): Dr. Ivy Livingston  

Greek (Modern): Dr. Calliope Dourou  

Latin: Dr. Ivy Livingston 


East Asian Languages

For general information consult the Department of East Asian Languages website. 

Advising contacts: 

Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese: Rebecca Mahoney 

Literary/Classical Chinese: David Sena

Germanic Languages

For general information consult the Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures website.

Advising contacts:

German and Scandinavian advisers can be found here.

Near East Languages

Near East Languages and Civilizations (NELC)

Information on language placement exams in Arabic, Turkish, and Persian is forthcoming.  Please check back here or contact the department.

For general information and for information about language exams not found on the NELC website contact  

The Modern Hebrew language exam will take place on August 15, 12:00-3:00pm ET.

Email Irit Aharony ( to sign up for the exam and receive the Zoom invitation.  

Log on to Zoom at the start of the exam period to receive the exam and instructions.  

For the exam you will need

Reliable high-speed internet

A Printer to complete a form

A scanner to return the completed form

The structure of the exam and the topics will be posted on the Center for Jewish Studies Website

Contact Irit Aharony with questions

NELC Advising contacts: 

Arabic (Classical & Modern): Nader Uthman (beginning July 1)

Turkish (Ottoman & Modern): Himmet Taskomur 

Hebrew (Modern): Irit Aharony

Romance Languages

For general information consult the Romance Language & Literature (RLL) website.

Advising contacts:

French, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish advisers can be found here 

Placement guidelines are outlined on the RLL website 

Scandinavian Languages

Scandinavian Languages

For placement exams in Swedish, Danish, Icelandic, Norwegian, or Finnish contact Agnes Broomé

For general information consult the Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures website.


Slavic Languages


Slavic Languages  

Placement exams will be available from June 21-August 24. Later dates will be available by request. 

Standard exams are offered in: Russian, Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian, Czech, Polish and Ukrainian. Students interested in scheduling an exam must contact Steven Clancy at 

For general information consult the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures website




South Asian Languages


South Asian Languages

Standard exams are offered in; Hindi-Urdu, Indonesian, Napali, Punjabi, Tamil, Thai, Tibetan, and Sanskrit. Placement exams in other South Asian languages may be offered contingent on finding a qualified examiner.  To schedule a placement exam or for advising questions contact Richard Delacy at

For general information consult the Department of South Asian Studies website