Can I fulfill the language requirement by taking a language placement exam?

Yes, students who have not fulfilled the language requirement with an AP, IB, or SAT II score may take an appropriate Harvard language placement exam. Students earning a score of 600 or higher on the online language placement exam must also take a proctored language verification exam. To fulfill the language requirement, you must earn a passing score on the verification exam.   

Students eligible to take the proctored verification exam must take it during the time period which it is offered.  

Students are able to take the language placement exam only once for the purposes of fulfilling the requirement.  The proctored verification exam is not given independently of the placement language exam and therefore must be taken within the same time period. It can not be put off until later in the semester or beyond.  Students are also ineligible to take the language placement exam for the purposes of fulfilling the language requirement once they have begun studying the language at Harvard College.