Where and when do I receive the scores of my online placement exams?

Scores from the online placement exams will appear on your Placement and Test Scores Report, available at my.Harvard generally within a few weeks of completing the exam. 

The Placement and Test Scores Report is designed to help students and advisers select the most appropriate courses based on their previous academic experiences. It is particularly useful for incoming first year students.

The Report contains three main sections:

  • Test Scores from exams taken pre-matriculation
  • Harvard placement exams results
  • Course recommendations

Pre-matriculation Test Scores

Scores listed in this section include any SAT, ACT, SAT II, AP, and IB exams that have been taken before a student arrives at Harvard. While students may have submitted the results for these exams as part of their admissions application, students will need to resend final reports to the Registrar's Office. Information about sending these scores can be found on the Registrar's website or the First-Year Experience Office website.

Harvard Placement Exam Results 

Students who take exams in Math, Writing,  Biology, Chemistry, Music, and Languages (French, German, Italian, and Spanish) will see their results listed in this section.

"Harvard Placement" exams refer to exams administered through the online Questionmark system while "Harvard Department" exams refer to exams administered by individual departments (e.g. all other Language exams).

Course Recommendations

Course recommendations are based on the results of any exam listed in the pre-matriculation or placement exams. Here are some general thoughts that may be helpful when reviewing this section:

  • The course recommendations are meant to help students identify which courses may be most appropriate based on their prior academic experience.
  • The recommendations are not limiting - students may enroll in any course for which they feel prepared.
  • Students should discuss their recommendations with their academic adviser and with advisers in the relevant department.