Fulfilling the Language Requirement By Exam

Students who complete an online exam in French, German, Italian or Spanish, meet the required score and would also like to use their exam to fulfill the language requirement may be invited to take a Live Verification Exam (LVE). The LVE is administered through the Language Center (French and Spanish) or through the language departments (German or Italian).

If a student is taking a language placement exam in a language other than French, German, Italian, or Spanish a verification component is administered as part of the department administered exam.  A qualifying score will also fulfill the college language requirment.  

Students who have fulfilled the language requirement with a score on an AP or SAT II test do not need to take the LVE. Similarly, students who don't plan to use the online placement exam (in those four languages listed above) to fulfill the language requirement do not need to take the LVE.

Please note that students who haven't yet fulfilled the language requirement are encouraged to take the LVE if eligible.  The placement exam may only be taken once for the purposes of fulfilling the language requirement and therefore there will not be another opportunity to take the LVE.  

Students who are eligible to take the LVE will be contacted by email and offered the opportunity to sign up for a time slot. Language Verification Exams will be offered in August/September and January/February.