Depending on the exam and the time of year, there are different processes for registering for the exams.  All online exams are available through the Online Placement Exams Registration application (OPER).

  • Summer exams (June and July): all incoming students in the College are automatically registered for all online exams. Upperclass and GSAS Graduate students can register through OPER beginning in late May. All other graduate students should contact to request access.
  • Winter exams (December and January): All students will register through this site for online exams beginning in December.
  • On-campus exams (late August and January): students may register directly through the department, if required, or may show up to take the exam in person at the designated day/time.

Note that the first, untimed page of each exam contains specific information about the exam. Students who open the first page of the exam but do not wish to proceed may exit, but must return to complete the exam before the end of the exam period. Once you begin the timed section of the exam, you must complete the exam in one sitting. Most exams are 90 minutes in duration, with the exception of the Writing Exam.


Taking Online Placement Exams

After registering for the exam, students can access the Placement exams at